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I can't upload and save a WMA file for the Voice. Help!

ad adanderson 9 years ago in Voki FAQs updated by Gil Sideman 9 years ago 3
When I try to upload and save a WMA file, it seems to upload but doesn't appear in the "Saved" box. I also tried to use a mic - the STOP button didn't work and it wasn't recording
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Hello -
Our QA engineer did some quick testing and was able to upload a WMA file successfully and also to record by microphone. In other words we could not immediately recreate the problems you encountered.
Would be helpful to know more - this will help us recreate and advise.
Specifically -
Are you on Mac or PC ?
Which browser are you using?
Please try using a different browser and let us know if you still experience both problems.
Please try using a different computer and let us know if you still experience both problems.
if the WMA problem persists on different browser and different computer - please send us the WMA file to support@voki.com
Voki Team

Hi Gil
Many thanks for your reply. I changed my browser from Firefox to Explorer on my PC and everything works perfectly! I could even see all the "failed" attempts from last night at saving the WMA file.
Now I can use WMA files and mic.
Thanks again for your help.
Glad to be able to assist.
btw - our testing routinely includes Firefox on PC (of course) and we are not able to recreate either of the problems you reported. This seems to be a local issue with your Firefox installation. Possibly a conflict or problem with some add-on that you have installed.
If you care to - I would suggest uninstalling Firefox and re-installing afresh.