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Barbie -
Voki works on any desktop & laptop computer, but at the moment not on mobile devices.
We are hard at work to provide a solution for mobile before long. Is the problem you are experiencing specific to mobile devices? If not - we should be able to help you quickly resolve.
Let us know
Hi Jannik,
Our QA ran a through review on all browsers on Mac and Windows - and were not able to recreate the problem.
Please send an email to support@voki.com and include the image as an attachment.
We want to try it with the original image file - that might help.

Your image worked for me - was able to upload no problem.
We're looking into it - will advise.
Hey - it works for me - just tried it.
Are you on Mac or PC? Can you post the image you are trying to upload?
Voki Team
Hi Michelle - 
We're not familiar with this problem - looking into it now.

Could you shoot a quick note to support@voki.com ? 
This will allow our support engineer to get more info about your account if needed.
The Voki Team
Thank you!!

The Voki Team 

Karla - 

As a Voki Presenter customer you may use the premium 3D characters (and all other premium characters) within your Voki Presentations. But this privilege does not extend to your Free Voki Scenes.

Due to popular demand we intend to change this and make the premium characters available everywhere for Voki Presenter and Voki Classroom customers.

This change will be applied in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your patience while we get this done.
Voki Team

Hi - 
No the site is not down & we are not aware of a problem
What do you see when you try to upgrade?

Any detail will help.
If you'd like to communicate your account info we can examine in more detail
send a note to support@voki.com

the Voki Team
Hi  - 
The problem is in fact affecting every Voki Presenter customer - and we are working on a fix. Unfortunately this cannot be immediately corrected - as the update needs to be both implemented and carefully tested before being applied.

We'd like to provide you with a full refund, but we will not disable your account, but keep active for 3 months extended free trial period. I hope that during this time you will get get to use the product, enjoy it, and hopefully decide to extend further.
Please write a note to support@voki.com so that we may identify your account and provide the refund.

The fix should hopefully be available within the next two weeks - but R&D priorities may push that back a bit.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
The Voki Team