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Voki characters are not videos - and therefore cannot be directly uploaded to youtube.

However - if you like you can record your character from the screen, using a screen recording utility & generate a video . There are many utilities (some free) available that allow you to do that.

When you have the video file, upload it to youtube.

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It will stay with the assignment for as long as the assignment exists.

If the teacher decides to clear the assignment - then he or she will lose the student work that was created for that assignment.

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Abby -

Please send a note to - and we will take care of you.



Hi Abby -

Sometimes emails are classified as spam. That happens.

But in most cases our support engineers respond within 1 working day.

Have you heard from support by now? if not - pls use the contact form in the support section in your account. That's the best way to ensure we receive your note.

Regardless - there is no need for concern - we are not going anywhere, and we'll take care of it.

btw - you can cancel your account yourself - simply go to your "My Account" page and disable auto-billing. Your account will not be charged and will expire at the end of your license period.

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This problem has been fixed.

It was not only Greek - but all non-English text was not processed correctly after the 'new and improved' Voki site was launched last month (or as we unimaginatively call it "Voki 2.0").

Very sorry for any inconvenience. If you still notice a problem please let us know - either by posting here or sending a note to



Hi -

This problem has been fixed.

Please let me know if you still see a problem.

Apologies to all affected.