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Hi -

This problem has been fixed.

Please let me know if you still see a problem.

Apologies to all affected.


Saving a Voki as an MP4 Video is not supported by the Voki site.

You could use 3rd party utilities (many of which are free) to record off the screen and generate an MP4 video.
While this is not supported by the Voki License, as long as it is not done commercially , and only for education, it is not a problem.
If you are looking for a solution for commercial use - please look at our SitePal product which does offer a Video Generation feature and license (you need to ask).
Hope this helps,



Zapisywanie voki jako MP4 Video nie jest obsługiwany przez stronę voki.

Można używać 3rd narzędzi firm (z których wiele jest bezpłatny), aby nagrać wyłączyć ekran i generują wideo MP4.
Chociaż nie jest to obsługiwane przez licencji voki, pod warunkiem, że nie odbywa się w handlu, a tylko dla wyższego, że nie jest to problemem.
Jeśli szukasz rozwiązania dla zastosowań komercyjnych - proszę spojrzeć na nasz produkt SitePal które nie oferują funkcję Generation Film i licencji (trzeba poprosić).
Mam nadzieję że to pomoże,

This functionality has been added - in your "My Voki" page - when you hover over the name of a Scene, you will see a small 'edit' icon - click on it to rename your Voki Scene.

Happy naming to all!

A quick follow up - we have since confirmed that there was indeed a problem with the billing process in the first 3 weeks after the launch of the new Voki site. We were charging our customers on signup (instead of after the 15 day free trial) - this issue was fixed and is no longer a problem.

Apologies to anyone who was affected. Anyone asking for a refund for any reason will of course be refunded per our 30 day money back guarantee policy (regardless of whether they were affected by this problem).



Hi Shlomit -

We would love to hear more about this issue so that we might diagnose and assist.

Please provide more info, thanks!

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