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Hi Lena -

Due to your feedback and feedback from many others we have added a semi-transparent "play button" and "volume control" to the Voki editor.
This play button will be visible only when using the older deprecated embed code.
When using the new embed code you will see the new 'standard' play button which appears only when the cursor rolls over the Voki character.

Note: this will only work on newly created scenes - so please create a new Voki Scene to see it.

The colored "players" that were used in Voki 1.0 have been removed as part of the recent update.
We removed them for several reasons -
1. they are implemented in Flash - and Flash is no longer fully supported with the default settings of some browsers. It is also not supported on mobile devices. So we are moving away from Flash.
2. they were not able to support dynamic resizing for different dimensions (also called "responsive design"). With the Voki 2.0 site you may choose any dimensions for your Voki when embedding it, and the Voki automatically adapts to the screen dimensions when played (for example on different mobile devices).
3. they were hiding too much of the Voki Scene area - we thought that was not so great.

For all these reasons - Voki 2.0 introduced a new playback scheme that did away with the multi-colored players. But as noted above we did restore a semi transparent player for use with the "old" embed code for users who prefer to use it.

Please let me know if you find this helpful.


Привет Лена -
Благодаря вашей обратной связи и обратной связи от многих других, мы добавили полупрозрачный "кнопку воспроизведения" и "регулятор громкости" в редакторе Voki.
Смотрите пример здесь -
Эта кнопка воспроизведения будет виден только при использовании более старый устаревший код.
При использовании нового код, вы увидите новую кнопку 'стандартный' Play, которая появляется только тогда, когда курсор катится по характеру Voki.

Примечание: это будет работать только на вновь созданные сцены - поэтому, пожалуйста, создайте новый Voki сцену, чтобы увидеть его.

Окрашенный "игроки", которые были использованы в Voki 1.0 были удалены в рамках последнего обновления.
Мы удалили их по нескольким причинам -
1. они реализованы в Flash - и вспышка больше не полностью поддерживается с настройками по умолчанию некоторых браузеров. Он также не поддерживается на мобильных устройствах. Таким образом, мы уходим от Flash.
2. они не были в состоянии поддерживать динамическое изменение размеров для различных размеров (также называемый «адаптивный дизайн»). С 2.0 сайта Voki вы можете выбрать любые размеры для вашего Voki при вложении его и Voki автоматически адаптируется к размерам экрана при воспроизведении (например, на различных мобильных устройствах).
3. они скрывались слишком много площади Voki сцены - мы думали, что была не столь велика.
По всем этим причинам - Voki 2.0 ввел новую схему воспроизведения, которая покончила с разноцветными игроками. Но, как было отмечено выше, мы сделали восстановить Полупрозрачный плеер для использования с "старой" Встроить код для пользователей, которые предпочитают использовать его.
Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать, если вы найдете это полезным.
С уважением

Hi Lena -

Thanks for sharing these details & for your kind words. We are looking into it.



Hi Raven -

Voki is intended for educational use only.

You should be looking at our other product - SitePal (

SitePal supports the creation of photorealistic animated characters from photos (which Voki does not).

Or - if you prefer we can create a custom Jim Morisson character for you, in either photorealistic or animated style.

You would also need a special license to "export" the characters from the site and use them in your film - which would need to be priced.

So take a look at SitePal and send any questions to



You can't do so at present.

We'll be adding this (obviously missing) functionality along with other upcoming features in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi All -

As part of the update to Voki 2.0 we've introduced many new capabilities (including for free users) and we've also restricted some features to paid customers. Among these features were the advanced publish & share features.

I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience this has caused - but to make Voki sustainable and ensure its continued existence we need to charge for more than we have been.

Thanks for your support & understanding - and I hope you will consider a paid subscription.



Hi -

We've made an update to the site which fixes problems with publishing/sharing Vokis using non-English text-to-speech.

Please try again & confirm it works for you.



Hi Guys -

thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We're looking into it and hope to have a solution before long.



The Voki Team

Hi Anna -

You bring up two issues.

1. Embedding into eportfolios -

With Voki 2.0 we've deprecated the use of Flash for Voki playback - and rely instead on HTML5 and Javascript (because browser support for Flash has been in decline).

However - we have heard from many Voki customers that the previous (now deprecated) embed code functioned better for them. This is apparently because some sites refuse to allow Javascript.

Consequently we are looking to restore the previous embed code as an option. This may take several days to complete.

2. TTS not working on playback -

Problems that were described by other posts on this forum last week have since been resolved. We are not aware of any remaining problem with TTS.

Would be helpful to see an example. Can you publish a link to your Voki Scene where the problem is evident? We'll take a look and advise.



Nagwa - After consulting with our support engineers I've been advised that your presentation contents have been restored. Let us know if additional problems are noticed.