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Hi Maria - 

Please send us a note to & provide this info - our support specialist will take a look and advise.

We'll sort this out for you I'm sure.

Please include the email used for signing up and any other email used by your school when providing you access.



The SitePal Team


Hi Sola -
Thank you for the kind words! They are much appreciated.

What Voki does with TTS is engineered to be real-time - instant response whenever speech is requested. Even if the text is delivered on the fly. This is a unique requirement & satisfying it comes with some limits.

That's why there's a limit to the length of each audio request.

But please note that you can work around this limitation to a certain extent by using multiple slides in Voki Presenter.

If you have something lengthy to say (or for your character to speak) - create several slides in a Presentation, designed to auto- advance - and break your long narrative into byte size chunks.

It might even improve the delivery of the material.

I hope this helps.
Best regards,

The VokiTeam

Please send an email to our support at - and ask for your account & personal details  to be removed, and we will take care of it for you.



Hi Karen - 

We experienced a problem on Friday that was fixed on the same day.

Please try again now - if you still see a problem pls contact us at

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.



The Voki Team

Hi Jeff - 

Apologies for the inconvenience.

We experienced a technical problem on Friday, which was resolved on the same day.

Please try again & if you still see a problem pls let us know at



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Hi Fiona - 

I'm glad you found the right page on the right site!  That's great!

Please see in below screenshot the location of the Active button. Turn OFF this setting to deactivate your account & you will never be charged again.

The same effect can be achieved by turning OFF Auto-Billing (which you can also see here).

In case you still cannot locate the deactivation button, send us a note to our support and we will deactivate it for you.

Btw, once subscription is disabled, you can still use your account in Basic mode, for free.

Hope this helps,


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