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Hello - 

We do not display ads to our paying subscribers and their students. 

We do display our Voki logo with pride, and we do not consider it to be an 'ad' - though I can see how one might disagree. Many paid products display the creator's logo, both online and offline. From vehicles to sneakers to software products - this is not unusual.

We offer a non-labeled & white labeled version of our speaking characters under our SitePal product which is intended for business use.  Please check it out at - www.sitepal.com



Lynn - 

You're right - students are limited to sharing -  embedding option is not currently available to students.

We're looking into it and will advise asap.



Hi - 

You can send an email to support at - support@voki.com and they will help you out.

In the meantime - try clearing your browser cache, or use another browser.



I see - thanks for the info, we will look into it.

Hi Lee - 

How did you create these Scenes? I'm curious because the Voki editor does not allow entering more than 900 characters (for paid account).  So how were you able to create Voki Scenes with longer text-to-speech audio?

Lee - 

The problem was that the text in those Voki Scenes was too long, longer than the 900 characters limit.

Moving forward please ensure that text longer than 900 characters is not entered.

We implemented a partial solution - if the audio is longer than 900 characters, it should not fail, but instead playback is being truncated to the closest word and the first 900 characters are spoken.

However if the input is much longer (over 1500 characters or so) then the Flash player generates a much longer request which fails to reach the server (browser limit.)  This explains the Voki scene that 'spins' forever.

Moving forward please prevent your input from exceeding 900 characters (225 for Japanese and Chinese).



Lee - 

I'll have an engineer look at it tomorrow and advise.

Curious - is there a reason you are using the deprecated Flash embed code (and not the standard HTML5) ?



Hi Molly -

Many of our voices automatically apply question inflection, when speaking a question.

In other cases, the question mark does impact the inflection (but not always).

Try for example the following texts- 

   "Is it up to us?" 

   "Do you like roses?"

Use the voice Julie or Beth or Bridget for example.

You will notice there is a difference when the question mark is present.

But you are right, the question mark only affects inflection in some cases not all.

I'm looking into it & will respond here if I have more information



Hi Helen - please send a note to support@voki.com and we will help you out. 
Regards, Gil

Привет, Хелен, пожалуйста, отправьте заметку на support@voki.com, и мы поможем вам.
С уважением, Гил