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Hi Lynn - 

We've added embed functionality for students. 

I hope this helps.



Hello Panteashop - 

The issues previously noted in this thread are 2 years old and have long been resolved.

We are not aware of a current open problem or issue that might affect your ability to embed.

Please send a note to support@voki.com with additional details - ideally we would like to get a link to your page where the problem can be seen so that we may best advise.



Hello - 

We do not display ads to our paying subscribers and their students. 

We do display our Voki logo with pride, and we do not consider it to be an 'ad' - though I can see how one might disagree. Many paid products display the creator's logo, both online and offline. From vehicles to sneakers to software products - this is not unusual.

We offer a non-labeled & white labeled version of our speaking characters under our SitePal product which is intended for business use.  Please check it out at - www.sitepal.com



Lynn - 

You're right - students are limited to sharing -  embedding option is not currently available to students.

We're looking into it and will advise asap.



Hi - 

You can send an email to support at - support@voki.com and they will help you out.

In the meantime - try clearing your browser cache, or use another browser.



I see - thanks for the info, we will look into it.

Hi Lee - 

How did you create these Scenes? I'm curious because the Voki editor does not allow entering more than 900 characters (for paid account).  So how were you able to create Voki Scenes with longer text-to-speech audio?

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