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I checked with support and the issue which affected this customer was resolved at the time, and I will mark it here as fixed. Please let me know if you still encounter a problem.

Jill - 

Yes this problem affected some devices, and has now been fixed with a new release of the iOS Voki app. 

Please update your Voki app - and let us know if you encounter any further problems.



Hello - 

We do not display ads to our paying subscribers and their students. 

We do display our Voki logo with pride, and we do not consider it to be an 'ad' - though I can see how one might disagree. Many paid products display the creator's logo, both online and offline. From vehicles to sneakers to software products - this is not unusual.

We offer a non-labeled & white labeled version of our speaking characters under our SitePal product which is intended for business use.  Please check it out at - www.sitepal.com



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