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We're not seeing these issues. As a first step - and before investigating this further, I would suggest clearing your browser cache & cookies.

Here are simple instructions -

Sometimes old code get's mixed in with the new due to the browser's habit of caching portions of it. This can cause unexpected problems especially when updating or upgrading.

If you still see a problem after clearing your cache, please let me know & we will look into it further.



The Voki Team

Hello - 

You must set your account billing setting to "Automatic Billing" - and your annual account extended automatically when it was time for the license to renew.

We do send out automatic emails btw - you would have been informed, though sometimes emails end up in spam. 

Anyway - if you prefer we'll issue a refund and cancel your subscription.

Just send us a note at and we'll take care of that for you.

I do encourage you to take a close look at Voki - a lot has changed in the past year!  You may want to check it out.



Hi Arlene - please contact our support at and we will help you out.

We usually answer requests on the same day - but depending on time of day it might be the next day before we respond.

We will locate your account and take care of this for you never fear!



Yes - you may.

But please note that your presentations will play from your account only as long as your subscription is active.

What you can do is share the presentation with the buyer, with instructions to save to their account. 

That way - they import your presentation to their account, and there is no further dependency on your subscription.

Hope this makes sense,


Elina - it is possible that this is an issue that should be directed at moodle.

I don't know how they handle uploaded URLs - but it is possible that they cache the data.

Ask them.

Another possibility is that the data is cached by your browser.

Next time you make a change, if you notice the same problem, please try to clear your browser cache on your device - see instructions here -

Let me know how goes.