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Voki is designed to appear online in a web browser. But it is also possible to download as a video from the Voki mobile app. You may want to give it a try.

Please note that this is only supported for teaching purposes. If you are interested in animated character video for commercial/business purposes, our SitePal product supports that -pls see www.sitepal.com




a problem that had caused some users difficulty when trying to modify their password has been fixed.



Noted & added to our list, thanks!

We've recently been focusing on adding wild animals previously not represented in Voki. 

Polar bear, Manatee, Lion and Tiger just added, with others to follow. 

It may be some time before we revisit dogs ...

I am sorry you encountered difficulty.

Please let me know what the problem is and I'll do my best to assist. Promise.

You can deactivate your account from your "My Account" page.

Select "My Account" or "Account Info" from your "welcome menu" at top right.

If you are having difficulty finding this option - send a note to our support & we will deactivate it for you.




I assume you are logged into your Voki account, and you went to your account Info page to try and make the change.

There's a glitch in the UI that may cause some confusion.

Here's what you need to do - 

  • Goto Account Info
  • Click on "edit" button for Personal Info section
  • Click in the password field (don;t try to select the contents of the field).
  • A dialog should open up that enables you to enter the new password.
  • If the dialog does not open up - check your popup blockers, or try to clear your cache and cookies and try again.

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