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Please see instructions on the Voki support page - under "Voki Tips & More" near the bottom of the page - 


It is not possible to remove the Voki logo. I realize that you mentioned your intended use is non-commercial, but my only solution would be to refer you to our SitePal product, where you can in fact remove branding. Take a look and consider - and as your use is non-commercial (and educational?) I should be able to arrange for an educational discount.

Send me an email at gil@oddcast.com and we'll help you out.

Best regards,


Jorge - 

Please try to clear your browser cache and cookies on Chrome (you will need to login again after doing so)

That may very well solve the problem.

Let me know,



Hello Jorge - 

Apologies for the delay in posting a response. We did check (at the time) - and we checked again now.

Our QA review was unable to recreate this problem - audios up to 90 seconds long can be created and uploaded by paid customers.

If you are still seeing this problem - please let me know and we will take a closer look.



Martin - 

Apologies for the very slow response - your note was evidently missed.

The Student Profile represents the student in all their assignments - there is no need to recreate the profile for subsequent assignments, though students are free to update it from time to time.



The Voki Team

Hi Val - 

Unfortunately not at present.

This feature is being considered for future updates.



Jorge - 

Not sure - we'll look into this & advise.

Please open a ticket with support to ensure proper follow up.

Send a note to support@voki.com


Rachel - 
This issue has been addressed. I'm sorry it caused you inconvenience.

All so called "special characters" (eg characters with accents) should now be handled correctly in French and any other language.

Please let me know if you notice any problem.



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