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Voki is implemented in HTML5 and Javascript. It does not use Flash. 
We offer Flash option for backward compatibility to users who need to embed in sites that do not support Javascript embed.

If Canvas intends to drop support for Flash without enabling a non-Flash alternative, there is nothing we can do about that at present.

Though is is possible, as a workaround to generate a video in the mobile app, and post that video to canvas.

I suggest to appeal to Canvas to enable Voki character embed in their platform.

If their customers request it - perhaps they will.

All the best,

The Voki Team

Thanks for your feedback!

We'll look into the presentation issues you raised.

Separately - you raised the issue of Voki not loading, or taking a long time to load. Is this also related to Voki Presenter?

Or if not - where in the Voki program exactly does it happen?

Can you provide a link or screenshot? 

If we can understand how to recreate the problem - we'll be able to address it.

If you prefer send the information via email to to be forwarded to me.

All the best,


The Voki Team

If you are having difficulty - please contact our support at:

Hi Lynda - 

The problem has been fixed. 

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. 

Please let us know if you encounter any further issue.

Best regards,


as noted - we have what we need for the moment. We see the problem. On it. 

and yes, of course it should work on Mac.

Lynda - 

We've been able to recreate the problem & are looking into it now. It is not necessary to have a session with Gurpreet. 

I'll follow up with more information asap.



Gurpreet is reaching out to you now to schedule a screen share session so he can see the problem.

Our QA team has also been asked to review. 

Please tell me:

* Does this also happen to you or to students from their homes? or only at the school

* does the recording fail only when it is long?  how long?  or does it always fail?

* any specific browser or type of computer used when it fails?


Hi Lynda - 

We're looking into it. Can you tell me if there's a certain length of audio recording that works - or does it always fail?

Which platform and browser are the students using? Are they on Mac? Any additional information will be helpful.