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Hello Melissa !

The Voki Logo cannot be removed. 

If you are interested in speaking characters for business use, check out our SitePal product at www.sitepal.com

In SitePal, our branding can be removed (Gold Plan), and can even be replaced with your own branding (Platinum Plan).

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards,


Hi Amy - 

Seems that Weebly does not support our embed codes at this time.

We'll look into it & see what can be done.

For now I can suggest a workaround - If you create your Voki speaking character on the Mobile app, you can then download a video, which can be posted to Weebly. It's not as convenient perhaps - but it should work.



Hello Jean,

As our support may have already informed you, we checked and your account was indeed cleared (recycled) due to inactive status.  

Given our intention to continue to offer free (and paid) service, we need to free unused resources from time to time to make room for existing & new users. For Free account, inactive status is defined as over 2 years without login and without any scene playback.

I'm sorry this caused an inconvenience and thanks for understanding.

Best regards,


Amy - 

Let me check with our support experts & get back to you.



Hello Jean - 

If you sent a note to our support, we will look into it. If not - please send a note to support@voki.com.

Rest assured - there is no outage, but we do automatically recycle Voki accounts that are "inactive".

Inactive is defined as: no activity for over 2 years. 

So if your account has been inactive - that can explain it. 

We'll look into it when reviewing your support ticket and advise. 

All the best,


The Voki Team

Voki is implemented in HTML5 & Javascript, designed to work on all browsers and platforms (including mobile).

For the past several years we've also supported the deprecated Flash player, specifically for users who needed to publish to Canvas.

Now, as Flash can no longer be used, we are working with Canvas to enable posting our characters to their platform. I don't have an ETA on that, but it is in progress.



The Voki Team

There is no option to delete an account. 

For paid accounts, there is an option to deactivate the account (end subscription)

For free accounts - there is no need to deactivate.

If you stop using the account - it will eventually be recycled - we do not keep the information forever.

If you are impatient for your data to be removed (?) please send a note to support@voki.com and we will assist you.

Hope this helps,


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