What are some questions real teachers have about Voki Classroom?

Here are answers to some questions about Voki Classroom, recently posed by "actual" teachers!

Q: When giving the Voki a voice by typing text in the text box, is there a way for students to go back and see what they typed, in case they want to change/delete something? I didn't see a way to do that. I'm thinking of students who are creating a Voki for a class project and want to fool around with the text to get it perfect, how do they do that?

Yes. In Voki Classroom, after a student saves her work, she can go in and edit any part of the Voki, including the text that she typed in (AKA “text to speech” or TTS). The student would simply need to click the Edit button to reopen the Voki editor for that scene. Then, in the same TTS section, she will see the text associated with this Voki, and can easily retype it or modify it.

Note: When a student saves a Voki (in her student account), it will then appear in your account as “ready for review”. If you view the Voki and decide it needs changes, you can either “reject” it, or do nothing (neither reject nor approve it) – simply give the student your feedback and ask her to make her edits.

Useful info: Each lesson/ assignment in Voki Classroom includes a lesson webpage where you can showcase the Vokis for that lesson (if you choose to). Because these Vokis are being showcased (to anyone who you provide the lesson link to), only approved Vokis will be displayed. Why this is important: Once you approve a Voki in Voki Classroom, the student will not be able to edit it (unless you go back and reject the approved Voki). This is a way to ensure that only work you have approved can appear on the lesson page.

Q: How much text is allowed in the box?

Voki Classroom allows up to 900 characters for the TTS feature, or 90 seconds for the recording and mp3 upload features.

Q: Is there more with the Voki classroom account that the free account?

Yes, Voki allows 600 characters, or 60 seconds. The limit was increased by 50% for Voki Classroom.

Q: With Voki classroom, how many students will be allowed access to the site?

Each teacher account allows you to add up to 100 students!

Q: When student's logon to the site and create a Voki, is it saved to the site and only the teacher can access the site and view the Voki? Students may create Vokis and may not want other students to view them.

Yes. As mentioned, when a student saves a Voki in Voki Classroom, it shows up in your account as “ready for review” and only you can view it. If you’d rather keep each Voki “private” for that assignment/ lesson, you can set the lesson as “Private.” This means that, even if you provide the lesson link to others, they will not be able to view it if they do not have the password that you create for that lesson.

What more info on Voki Classroom?

For learning resources, visit the Learn section: www.voki.com/learn.php

For a full list of features, and to view the intro movie, visit www.voki.com/products.php

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