How can I use a previously made Voki image in a Presenter presentation?

Mrs MM 10 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 7
I am a teacher who uses Voki Classroom with my elementary students. I have added the 15 day trial of Voki Presentation to my account and am beginning my first presentation. My question is...
"How can I use my already-created Voki image in a Presenter presentation"?
It will be very time consuming to have to re-create my same Voki avatar each time I make a new presentation!
If this is not yet possible then I would like to suggest being able to save avatar "templates" without audio.
Hi Mrs MM,

We appreciate your feedback! We are currently working on the ability for users to duplicate slides in a presentation and the ability to duplicate presentations. Thank you for trying out Voki Presenter.

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas. Feel free to reach out.

We will soon add a "Duplicate Slide" feature
This will allow the design and the Voki character to be setup once, and duplicated onto many slides.

I am using Voki Presenter and can not use my personally created Voki in my presentation.

You only partially answered her issue.

You explained that by using the "Duplicate Slide" feature you could duplicate the same
voki character over and over again.

But if you go to VokiPresenter, and access the the "character" icon tool and try to bring
up a character that you created with Voki  -- you can't access these characters.  You can
only access the "pre-made" characters that are stored.

Would you reopen this issue?


Hi Lori,

We are currently trying to implement a tool so that users can access previously created Voki characters on their free Voki account. This new update will be available to all Voki Presenter by Fall 2014 (or maybe mid-summer). Stay tuned for this update by signing up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

But for now, the only way around this issue is to use the duplicate option.

The Voki Team

Well, it's 2017...how do I create a sideshow of my previously created Voki's?


Hi -

The Voki character library is the solution. The character library was implemented in 2014 and widely used ever since. Once you create and save your character to the library, you can then reuse it.

Unfortunately the character library is currently 'down for maintenance' - as we are updating the editor, it became necessary to block access temporarily. We expect it will be back within a few weeks.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



The Voki Team