Can I have two avatars talking to each other?

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Hello - 

I'm afraid that's not possible in Voki Presenter, as only one avatar can be present on each slide.

We've considered adding this ability though. Curious - if we did provide this feature, how would you use it? Any example you can think if would be helpful for us to understand the potential usefulness of this feature.



The Voki Team


Yo veo gran utilidad pedagógica para que dos Avatars comenten un tema entre ellos en las presentaciones


Thank you for your comment! 

We are considering this amongst other potential updates to the Voki product. 

Best regards,


The Voki Team


¡Gracias por tu comentario!
Estamos considerando esto entre otras posibles actualizaciones del producto Voki.
Saludos cordiales
El equipo de Voki

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