Student self-enroll options/multiple student enroll

Elizabeth Michaud John il y a 12 ans mis à jour par Eva il y a 10 ans 3
There should be a way to enroll multiple students at once, as opposed to one at a time. That's EXTREMELY time-consuming for the teacher. Even better, there should be an option for teachers to allow students to self-enroll. I spent over two hours enrolling kids into the Voki classroom and I could have used that time to be doing lesson plans or something more pressing.
Hi Elizabeth,

We always appreciate teacher feedback and consider it as we make improvements to Voki Classroom.

You do have the option to upload a csv excel spreadsheet with students' names. This should be much more efficient, especially if you have an existing roster.

Having students register themselves may be a possibility in the future.

Thanks again,
The Voki Team
.csv file! I've tried forever trying to load a class as the directions say .xls file only! Please fix the directions.