Mysterious Avatar Disappearance

Stacy Jent 7 year бұрын updated by Eva Diep 7 year бұрын 6
My avatar has mysteriously disappeared from my teacher webpage. It worked fine until recently. I tried to re-embed the html code, but it did not work.
Hi Stacy!

Please send us a link to that Voki and we'll look into it!

The Voki Team

It is supposed to be in the empty box on the home page, under the mountain climber.
HI Stacy,

I see the Voki there and it's loading for me. Please try to install: http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/
Reboot the machine and then try.

The Voki Team
I now can see it when I log in from Mozilla Firefox, but still can't from Google Chrome. Weird...
Hi Stacy

Please check if flash player is enabled on Chrome from Add on option: chrome://extensions/

The Voki Team