login button didn't allow student to login

Debra Glover il y a 10 ans mis à jour par Eric Kiang il y a 10 ans 2
Eight of my Health class students could not login last evening to complete their project. They entered the correct UN and PW, clicked the login button, and nothing happened. Please advise. This project remains uncompleted.
Debra Glover, RN, BSN, NCSN
Episcopal Day School
Augusta, GA 30904
School Nurse
Middle School Health
dglover@edsaugusta.com/ email and voki UN

Hi Debra,

We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. Will let you know when this issue
has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are happy to inform you that we have fixed the issue and you should be able to log in as normal again.