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I am working for a language learning center at a public university. I am planning to introduce Voki Classroom to our faculty. If we want to purchase the 1-year voki class plan, do we have to use credit card to purchase it? Because our center/department doesn't have a credit card, we usually go with the PO account (Purchase Order) that most institutions do.

Please advise. Thank you
Hi Julian

You don't have to use a credit card! We do offer a PO option for schools. In the checkout section, go to the Check or Money Order option and follow the directions to generate a Purchase Order for yourself and to be mailed in with your payment. We understand schools sometimes need to issue their own PO. You may send this along with the Voki PO and payment, but it is not required.

The Voki Team
Do you have a W-9 so I can add you as an approved vendor to my school district?
Candice -
Yes we do.
Please write to support@voki.com and ask for it.
The Voki Team