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Maggie -

HTML tags should be added with embed code then it will work.


After publishing it can be shared via customized or free domain link.

Please note however that Voki is meant only for educational non-commercial use. To use our avatars for business please visit www.sitepal.com.



Hi Gil it's only on a website for a uni assignment so not business use. I am afraid I am a bit of a tech novice and need a bit of further instruction re your comment.
This: <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="//vhss-d.oddcast.com/voki_embed_functions.php"></script><script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">AC_Voki_Embed(225,400,"c392a556a9737e019109a9ad2ce7e133",14010091, 1, "", 0, 1);</script>
Is the avatar code - when I click on the embed option. When I got to paste it in my website (wix) I am clicking add a html code. My options then are do you want to a) add a website address or b) add a code. I am clicking on code and pasting the embed code in there.

Do you mean I need to type something before and after the above embed code? Can you give me clear instructions please?

Precisely so.

The way they (Wix) handle embed code requires a bit of extra effort.

You need to surround your embed code with standard web page HTML tags to be recognized as a valid web page.

Before your embed code add -



<title> enter your title here if you like </title>



After your embed code add -



Let me know how goes.

Hallelujah it worked thanks so much!!


This also works for the new Google site (not the classic). I just embedded a Voki for a class project! Thank you!