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Hi Karla,

Can you provide me with the email address you used for your Voki Presenter account?

Voki Presenter do have unlimited audio. Each Voki will have a 90-second audio limit. Since each slide can hold up to one Voki, you can line up your Vokis to create an unlimited stream of audio.

For support, you can contact us here or by click on the Support tab when you're logged into your Voki Presenter account!

Eva D.
The Voki Team
charlestonesl@gmail.com We should be able to use 3-D Voki we have Voki Presenter..Thank you for your prompt response. Karla
Karla - 

As a Voki Presenter customer you may use the premium 3D characters (and all other premium characters) within your Voki Presentations. But this privilege does not extend to your Free Voki Scenes.

Due to popular demand we intend to change this and make the premium characters available everywhere for Voki Presenter and Voki Classroom customers.

This change will be applied in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your patience while we get this done.
Voki Team