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How can I see voki created by someone else if they did not send it to me?

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Hi Tim -

Voki allows every user to share their Voki characters - they can do so by email, by posting to social networks, or by embedding their Voki in their blog or web page.

However - like any personal information - if a user chooses not to share it, then it is not available to others.

I hope this helps,


The Voki Team

Well, my pupils have created a voki, saved it, but they did not create a profile beforehand, so all I have is the title of their 'saved' voki.

But I guess I cannot access their voki anymore?

They did not send it to me or so.

Hi Tim -

I understand.

Students do not have to register, they can create their Voki's and share it with you without registering.

But to save a Voki for future use they must register.

If they did save their Voki as you say - then they must have registered, which means they can login at any time and email their character to you.

If they did not share or save their character then there is no way to locate it I'm afraid

I'd like to suggest you take a look at our product "Voki Classroom" which was designed to simplify these very issues. With Voki Classroom students do not need to register and their assignments are automatically visible to the teacher.

Hope this helps,