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I just purchased ten minutes ago and this is not going to work for me. How do I delete and get a refund?

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How do I delete my account and get a refund. This is not going to work for my class. It does not have the characters I need to complete the project and is not easy to navigate.

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Hi Jennifer -

Anyone looking to deactivate their account & terminate their service, here's how -

* Login at voki.com

* go to your Voki Presenter or Voki Classroom page (tabs at the top right)

* Select "My Account" from main menu

* deactivate "Automatic Billing"

* for good measure also clear the "Payment Method on File"

That's it.

You will not be billed, and your account will deactivate at the end of the 15 day trial (or whenever your current subscription ends).

You will receive an expiration notice by email - just ignore it and allow the account to expire.

If you need help - send a note to support@voki.com

Best regards,