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Voki has started adding to the spoken text about it being a "demo" version. Why?

Enrique Cachafeiro 9 years ago updated by Sumit B 9 years ago 1
Recently, after I have used Voki for my classroom for a long time, Voki has started adding to the spoken text of my Vokis. It's a bit about either it being a demo version, or for noncommercial use, but regardless it's not something I want there when my kids hit play. Ideas?
Under review
Hi Enrique,
Apologize for Inconvenience.
Due to a configuration problem, some of our voices are generating audio alert messagesThis is only affecting Engine 3 voices, which in English are - Kate, Julie, Paul, Ashley, Bridget, Hugh & James.

We expect to have this problem fixed by noon tomorrow (Mon).As an interim solution you could switch to using a different voice.
We're very sorry for the inconvenience