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There needs to be a way to save your progress without having to sign up

Mystie Lucast 9 років тому оновлено Gil Sideman 9 років тому 1
I have had to recreate my voki 4 difffrent times do to it not saving
Under review
Hi Mystie -

From your question I assume you are using the free version of Voki.
Free Voki provides you with the option of signing up (at no cost) precisely so that we may enable you to save and retrieve previously saved characters. Identifying yourself by logging in, enables you to access your content.

If you prefer not to register, you may still create Vokis, and publish those Vokis, and share them on social media, but the next time you come to the Voki site you will not be able to access your previously created Vokis - you will have to start anew.

Hope this helps,
The Voki Team