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Can't create my Voki

Jennifer Schroder 9 лет назад обновлен Sumit B 9 лет назад 1
Trying to make a Voki for a class, and I don't have a lot of time. I clicked on Create my Voki and the instructions are over the area where I create the Voki. I don't want to have to install anything as this is a school laptop. I am using Mozilla, which I usually don't have problems with. Very frustrating because I picked this tool to use in an online class, and now I can't use it. I am also not buying a subscritption just to see how I like it.

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Hi Jennifer,
Sorry For the Inconvenience.
Please try to install free Ad-block: https://adblockplus.org
Also, try with a different browser. The problem might be caused due to an adware infection.
Let me know how it goes.


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