How do I increase the sound volume on my Voki?

Vivian Morgan Corll fa 10 anys updated by Eva fa 10 anys 4
I created three others a while back and the sound is fine. However, the last one the sound is so low as to be almost inaudible.  I've already checked the volume on my computer and on Flash.  Any other ideas?
Vivian - 
Did you record your voice or use Text-To-Speech?
Can you post a link to your Voki to allow us to hear it?

The Voki Team
Uh, oh, I am still having the problem.  Here is the link to my Voki.  Would appreciate if you would give a listen and help me troubleshoot.



I recorded my voice.  However, I think I found out the problem.  I am ashamed to say it, but I just wasn't talking loud enough.  I found if I spoke loudly and animated enough, it came through.

Thanks for such a quick response.  Now that I have this problem squared away, I plan to sign up for Voki Presenter and use it with the class I'm teaching next term at Keiser University.  I hope I can post the presentations to Blackboard Companion.