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Instuction panel blocking tools

Woombye 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Gil Sideman 9 lat temu 2
The students cannot access the customise options because an instruction panel is in the centre of the webpage. Can it be aligned to the right of have a minimise or close option please?
W trakcie analizy
Sorry for the Inconvenience.
Please try to Install free Ad-block: https://adblockplus.org
Then refresh the page, let me know how it goes.
Hi Woombye,
We've heard of this problem before - but have never been able to recreate.
We think this might happen due to an adware infection - it is certainly not by design.
Adblock might help - as Sumit suggests.
If not - please try using a different browser and please let us know how you fare.