Need a way to pause between words or sentences. Also, possibly to slow down the delivery.

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How can I get the avatar to pause between words when I am typing in text? Adding blank space doesn't help. He just rattles off all the words that I have on a list and I would like a slight pause between the words. Hope you can help!

It would also be nice if there was a way to pause between sentences, or to change the delivery speed of the avatar reading typed text. Please let me know if there is.
Hi Nina,

Yes you can control pauses between words and the speed of the speech. Have you ever heard of SSML Tags? They are used to control different aspects of the text to speech.

There are two ways to control pausing between words. You can just enter a period after a word and there will be a natural slight pause before continuing on with the text. If you want a longer pause you can enter the '' tag. For example if you wanted to have a 3 second pause after a word, it would be . This would be entered right when you wanted to insert the break.

Now to slow down the speed of delivery you can use the tags . For example let's say you have the sentence "I speak this fast! I speak this slow" If you enter "I speak this fast! I speak this slow " The "I speak this slow" portion will be spoken 50% slower than the normal rate. These are only a few of the tags that can be used to control text to speech.
Here is a reference for other useful tags: http://www.w3.org/TR/speech-synthesis...

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance feel free to reach out!

If you want to add a pause, you can try this  :
<break time="1s"/>

The figure indicates the number of seconds you want the voice to pause.

Can anyone tell me what is the default pause time between the words?

Any standard time?

Hi Ankit - 

There is no standard spacing of the spoken words. Different voices (even from the same manufacturer) behave differently; not just as it relates to the spacing of the words, but also to the overall speed of speaking.

Just like natural speech is not uniform.

You can use commas to affect a natural pause in speech - but that too is not standardized.

For precise pause length you need to use prosody tags. SitePal provides a convenient test page to help you play around with SSML - check it out here (click on Break at bottom left) - https://sitepal.com/documentation/fine_tuning

Hope this helps,