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I am not receiving email notification after creating a voki, please help

Andrea Remick 8 years ago in Voki FAQs updated by Sumit B 8 years ago 3

I haved used voki before and it worked great, but now about a month later I am not getting email notifications after I create and share them.


Hi Andrea,

Some time emails caught by spam filter, please check the Junk Folder.

Try to use a different email address(not school email id), let me know how it goes.



I checked the Junk/Spam filters and folder. It is not there.

It does work with a different email account. Why will it not work with a school email? I did it in Nov with a school email and it worked then.

Please check with the school's IT Department. Might be caused due to Firewall Filter or Domain Settings.

They need to whitelist the domain " *.oddcast.com" and add notifications@voki.com to safe senders list.