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The getting started button is not working when my students log in to classroom. How do we fix this?

Michelle Waters hace 9 años en Voki FAQs actualizado por Sumit B hace 9 años 2
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Hi Michelle - 
We're not familiar with this problem - looking into it now.

Could you shoot a quick note to support@voki.com ? 
This will allow our support engineer to get more info about your account if needed.
The Voki Team
Hi Michelle,
I'm happy to report that problem has been identified and resolved.
For the benefit of anyone else who might encounter this issue -
Please bear in mind that the students only see Assignments that belong to a Class of which they are a member.
So it is not enough to create a Class, and assign the Student to the Class.
It is also necessary to create an Assignment for the Class.

Hope this helps.