Taken advantage of

Amy Napier 11 years ago updated by Eric Kiang 11 years ago 1
I gave my credit card information and never received my access code. I checked my junk email box, added Voki to my address book and still I have received nothing. You are taking my money and I am receiving nothing in return. There is no phone number to call and my emails aren't being answered. I really want to use this product but I am being to get frustrated and starting to feel ripped off.
Hi Amy,

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble activating your account. It is odd that you have not received an activation email from us. You said you have already checked the Junk Inbox. Please send an email to support@voki.com or feedback@voki.com with your account ID or email address you signed up with and we'll activate it manually.

In the future if you have any questions or concerns feel free to post on here or email us at the above two emails. Sorry for the frustration!