Removal Request of Spam Links

Drew Thomas 11 years ago updated by Eva Diep 11 years ago 1
Good morning,

My name is Drew Thomas with Sage Audio Mastering studio, and I’m contacting you regarding a spam link that was added to your site by a marketing firm we hired to help develop our brand.

Unfortunately, we recently found out that this company employed spam marketing tactics, and your site was targeted. After discovering the bad practices, we’ve been reaching out to site owners to help identify and remove the spam posts submitted to their sites.

The pages in question are located at http://forums.voki.com/user/profile/1... and http://forums.voki.com/user/profile/1... . The post were created by users 'sheenaswan' and 'willgerard.'

We’d appreciate it if this spam user or the links posted could be removed. I would like to apologize for this spam and any inconvenience it caused.

Thanks for your time,
Hi Drew,

The page associated with your company has been removed. It was posted by a third party.

The Voki Team