Word Count Limit

Shara fa 12 anys updated by Jacklien Sam fa 4 anys 1
How do I raise the number of words my students can make the Voki say?

Hi Shara,

Great question. Are you using Free Voki or a paid subscription?

Assuming you are using Level 1 or higher, the limit is currently 900 characters for the TTS (text-to-speech) option, or 90 seconds for the recording option. In Free Voki, the limit is 600 characters or 60 seconds.

From our 10+ years of experience with text-to-speech and online audio messages, we have found that people's attention spans start to diminish for messages much longer than 60 seconds. Vokis are best used in short, concise messages. This fact also helps students refine their message.

Please follow up if you have additional questions. And if you're using our paid subscription, don't forget that you have direct and unlimited access to our Support team by clicking on the Support tab.

The Voki Team