Can I add a picture to speech to talk?

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Can I add a picture to speech to talk?


The question is not clear. 

Please explain what you are trying to do.



The Voki Team

Hello Gil,

Can a picture that I uploaded speak like moving the mouth while talking?

Thank you

Yes - you can do that - but with our other product - SitePal - see www.sitepal.com

This capability is not available with Voki.


We call this feature Photoface - and it's available to Gold Plans & higher. 

Please sign up for a Free Trial to try.

Be sure to use a facial image that conforms to the guidelines for best results:

* High resolution image

* subject looking directly forward

* mouth closed (no teeth showing - slight smile ok)

* face well lit, no shadows

* no hair (or other obstruction) over face 

After you upload, several tools are available to adjust & fine tune.

Note that Photoface is designed for human faces - though we've seen customers have success with various imaginative illustrations. 



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