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signing in to voki alway says Login Already in Use This login is already in use.

ianjeffbrown 2 year бұрын updated by Gil Sideman 2 year бұрын 1

logging in to voki it ALWAYS says 

Login Already in Use

This login is already in use. To proceed select the option below to log out of all devices on which this account is used.

and I have to go though the process of logging out of and other account and then loggin  in again at least two times before I can use my account. This happens EVERY time even if it is exactly the  SAME computer I was logged and used before.

it is very annoying having to go through this convuluted process to log in every time

Under review

Hello Ian,

This might happen if you clear your browser cookies regularly (or block them). Our mechanism relies on cookies to identify your logged in session. 

When you return to your computer and re-open the browser, & no cookie is found - it does not recognize the continuity.

If you can enable cookies for voki.com and oddcast.com - that should resolve.

Let me know how goes.



The Voki Team