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Errors and slow loading

MSmith 4 года назад обновлен Gil Sideman 4 года назад 1

What is a 500 origin error? Also, why does the program take so long to load if at all? Yes, we have cleaned the cache and all the other fixes you have offered. This issue with Voki not loading or taking so long it times out is troubling as I paid for this service for my students to use, but it is still glitchy after several years, with no changes. the presentations jump ahead slides, it is not a smooth transition. The presentation will not stop when clicking the pause button. 

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Thanks for your feedback!

We'll look into the presentation issues you raised.

Separately - you raised the issue of Voki not loading, or taking a long time to load. Is this also related to Voki Presenter?

Or if not - where in the Voki program exactly does it happen?

Can you provide a link or screenshot? 

If we can understand how to recreate the problem - we'll be able to address it.

If you prefer send the information via email to support@voki.com to be forwarded to me.

All the best,


The Voki Team

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