How can I use one of my saved characters in a presentation so I don't have to keep re-creating it?

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Hi Joanna,

Hope you are doing well.

To use your character again and again, you will need to save your character to the library first.

Once saved, you can re-access the same avatar.

To save your avatar to the library, please follow the below steps:

- Go to MY VOKI list.

- Click on EDIT icon for the VOKI which you want to save to the library. Refer to the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/u5p6qf

- Then click on the FACE icon. Refer to the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/u5p7om

- When you click on the FACE icon, you will see a BOOKS icon (which represents library) on your screen, click on it. Refer to the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/u5p84w

- Once clicked, you will see a face icon along with the + sign, click on it and it will ask you to name the avatar. Refer to the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/u5p8uh

- Name it and click on SAVE. Refer to the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/u5p9i4

Now it is saved to your library and you can access it as many time as you want to.

To do so, create a new presentation, click on the face icon (As shown above) and then click on BOOKS icon (which represents library), there you will see your saved vokis.

Click on that voki to use it.

Hope it helps.

For any further assistance, please free to write to us to support@voki.com

We will be more than pleased to assist you further.

Stay safe and healthy.

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I followed these exact instructions but it is not saving. When I name the character I want to save should it show up immediately in the books list? 


Yes, Joanna. Once saved, it should appear in your library immediately.

I would request you to please remove cache cookies from your browser.

Here's how to remove cache cookies -

Once done, please re-login to your account and then try to save it in the library and check.

In case, the issue still persists, please write to us to support@voki.com

We will check it in your account and will let you know.