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Not Saving Using Mobile App

MrJohn 4 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 1


I have created a character but have found that I can not embed into a Google Site.

So a work around was to use the iPad app, recreate the character and text it speaks and save as a video.

I did but when I came to save/download .... all the Share icons were grayed out.

I have a 15 day free trial.

At this rate I'll find it difficult to pay for a continued membership.

Any suggestions

Under review

Hello MrJohn - 

First, regarding Google Site - as I mentioned in response to your other post, please see instructions in our support page, under "Voki Tips and More" near the bottom of the page - 


Regarding the mobile app - this seems unusual. I just checked on both iphone and ipad & works normally for me.

It should not matter whether you are logged in or not, but please do login to allow you full access to all premium characters. 

To login, touch the Voki logo at top right, and select the login option from the menu. Use your online Voki credentials to login (same username and pswd as registered on the Voki website).

If that does not help & you still see the same problem, try closing (clearing ) the app and relaunching it.

If that still does not help, please check if you have the latest version - if an update option exists in the App store - please update.

Let me know how goes - and also which version of iOS you are using.

Best regards,