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French words with accent are not properly saved

Rachel 1 month ago updated by Gil Sideman 4 weeks ago 2


I have tried sending an email to support at Voki several times and received one response which wasn't helpful, I teach in a French school and my students are trying to type their text in Voki. Once they save it, any French word with an accent turns into a weird symbol and the avatar can't read it. I have used Voki for the last several years and have never had this problem. When the support person emailed me back he said most words in French don`t have an accent and to ignore those words. Worst. Advice. Ever! Almost every word in French has an accent. We need to evaluate this project and have been waiting almost 2 weeks for help. I have sent the letters with the accents I need added twice and no reply.

Please help! 

Under review

Hi Rachel - 

Yes, our support responded incorrectly - but they also transferred this issue on for engineering review. We are looking at this now. Please allow a day or two more for us to get back to you with a solution. We will respond to your support query.



The Voki Team

Rachel - 
This issue has been addressed. I'm sorry it caused you inconvenience.

All so called "special characters" (eg characters with accents) should now be handled correctly in French and any other language.

Please let me know if you notice any problem.