I have a free account. I cannot share my viki and it does not save. Help

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Cannot share my voki.

À l'étude


Some share options are not available for Basic Voki - but you do have access to - 

* post to facebook

* post to twitter

* share by email

* get permalink (which really lets you post anywhere)

We are not aware of a problem and we don't see a problem saving.

Which browser are you using?

Which share option is unavailable or fails for you?

Please let me know.



The Voki Team


Hello - 

Our QA team reviewed Free (Basic) account functionality, specifically saving & sharing a Voki. Their review covered all browsers on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. They did not encounter any problem. 

Without knowing more, my only suggestion would be to clear your browser cache and cookies - sometimes that can help clear unexplained problems.

Best regards


The Voki Team