Video capture - is it allowed to do it?

Melanie Bartunek 10 years ago in Voki FAQs updated 10 years ago 3

I am a teacher at a German school and I love your vokis. They are nothing short of fantastic :)

I have got a questions about the conditions under which I can use them for educational, non-commercial purposes.

I am creating an interactive scorm-packet with Adobe Captivate.
The topic is American and British English.
I would love to include one American and one British Voki - talking to each other about the pictures in the middle (pavement <> sidewalk...).

I cannot use Voki Presenter to do that - I have to use Captivate.
Thanks to your blog I know how to do a screen capture. But am I really allowed to use these videos that way I want to use them? Of course I would give notice of your website and link back to you, but is that enough? I would use them only for non-commercial purposes (I would put the "presentation" under CC-BY-NC-SA).

It would be great if you could clear that up for me.

Best wishes,

Thanks a lot, you guys are great!
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HI Melanie,

Thank you for your support!

You can definitely use it like that! Please feel free to use it for your packet. 

Can you send a link to us after you're done? We would love to see it!

The Voki Team
I only have it in a closed moodle environment at the moment. Would you like me to send you the scorm-package?