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Please help

Irma Szeverényi Ujhelyiné 9 лет назад в Voki FAQs обновлен Gil Sideman 9 лет назад 1
Dear trainers, It is a pleasure for me to use Voki in special education. My problem now is that in using Chrome browser the character doesn’t open automatically, only when we click on it. Can you please help and advise how to solve this problem ? With t
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Hi Irma -
Thank you for your kind words!

A quick solution would be to adjust your Chrome browser settings as follows:
1. goto 'Settings'
2. click on 'Show Advanced Settings' at bottom
3. click on 'content settings' under Privacy
4. scroll down to locate 'Plugin' options
5. select 'Run all plugin content'

Another option would be to use a different browser.
We are working on a permanent solution for this issue.

Hope this helps,
The Voki Team

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