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Unsure of how to delete this thread, but I received an email from the Support team and I am now able to log into my account.
Thanks again for your help, Voki Support Tech Assistance!

I received an email with a link but after pressing the link (activation)... it's still saying I have to check my email and activate my account with the link provided every time I try to log in. I have pressed it numerous times and the same thing keeps popping up. Needless to say, I'm getting really frustrated with this site.

I have now tried registering with a new email (my school's email) and the same issue is occurring.
I have already emailed 18 hours ago and I haven't received a response back yet. I also have not received the original activation email from the first account I tried creating (from my personal email as the log in).

Update (after reading your reply to my last comment): I have tried logging in with the information and it's still saying I have to wait for the activation email (which I still haven't received), so I guess I will wait 'til tomorrow because of the skeletal crew on the weekend. Thanks for your help, Gil!

Thank you, Gil.
I have emailed them. I'm hoping it's as easy as sending another activation email, or maybe the first one hadn't been mailed yet.
Thanks for your help and for the quick reply!