Your comments

Hi Elizabeth,

We always appreciate teacher feedback and consider it as we make improvements to Voki Classroom.

You do have the option to upload a csv excel spreadsheet with students' names. This should be much more efficient, especially if you have an existing roster.

Having students register themselves may be a possibility in the future.

Thanks again,
The Voki Team
Hi Adrianne,

Good news! We are implementing a multi-delete feature for students right now. You should see this update in Voki Classroom in just a week or two. Keep an eye on our blog for an entry about this and other updates.

Thanks for the feedback and let us know if you have any other suggestions.

The Voki Team

Thank you for your suggestion for Voki Classroom. We are actually almost finished implementing a feedback feature which should be available in the coming weeks! Teachers will be able to leave students feedback when they approve or disapprove a Voki and they will be able to edit that feedback as needed.