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I am trying to gather that information, but at any rate, it should work on Mac.  Half of my students have Mac platform.  We have tried several browsers.  Does not seem to matter the length of the recording.  Maybe my class site has become corrupted.  How much longer do I have to wait to schedule a screen sharing meeting?

I provided my availability to Gurpreet and I have not heard back from him.  Again, a delay and no resolution.  The problem occurs consistently.  

I have sent at least four support emails to Voki. I have used Voki classroom for years, but now it’s not recording more than 30 seconds. I’ve left messages on the phone. I even sent a link via the support site to a  video showing the problem occurs in both Firefox and safari. This is the worst tech-support I’ve ever received for any product.  I need a resolution.  My students can’t complete their assignment.