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This issue was cleared up at the time through direct communication with the customer. 

Thank you for your feedback.  

It has been forwarded to the product team.

We're always looking for suggestions for Voki characters - so it is much appreciated.


There is no deadline 

(though I should note that after 3 years of inactivity Free Voki accounts are cleared - but that's not the case here)

Please post a link to your page where the problem can be seen - and we will look into immediately.



The Voki Team

Hola juan

Para guardar y compartir su Voki, le recomendamos que se registre para obtener una cuenta y cree y comparta sus Vokis desde su cuenta.
Nota: Una cuenta gratuita está bien, no tiene que pagar, aunque estará limitado a 3 Vokis.

Nuestra política es que mantenemos contenido para nuestros usuarios mientras su cuenta esté activa, incluidas las cuentas gratuitas. Pero para los usuarios anónimos, reciclamos el contenido compartido después de 7 días (ver imagen).

Es posible que desee considerar registrarse para obtener una cuenta paga; con una cuenta de maestro de Nivel 1, puede brindar acceso a hasta 30 estudiantes. Cada estudiante podrá guardar y compartir un número ilimitado de Vokis, y sus Vokis no se borrarán si la cuenta está activa.
Espero que esto ayude


Hello Juan - 

To save & share your Voki we recommend signing up for an account - and creating & sharing your Vokis from your account. 

Note: A free account is fine - you don't have to pay - though you will be limited to 3 Vokis.  

Our policy is that we maintain content for our users as long as their account is active, including Free accounts. But for anonymous users we recycle the shared content after 7 days (see image).

You may want to consider signing up for a paid account - using a Level 1 teacher account, you can provide access to up to 30 students. Each student will be able to save & share an unlimited number of Vokis - and their Vokis will not be cleared if the account is active.

Hope this helps,


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