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Thanks for your feedback!

We'll look into the presentation issues you raised.

Separately - you raised the issue of Voki not loading, or taking a long time to load. Is this also related to Voki Presenter?

Or if not - where in the Voki program exactly does it happen?

Can you provide a link or screenshot? 

If we can understand how to recreate the problem - we'll be able to address it.

If you prefer send the information via email to support@voki.com to be forwarded to me.

All the best,


The Voki Team

If you are having difficulty - please contact our support at: support@voki.com

Hi Lynda - 

The problem has been fixed. 

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. 

Please let us know if you encounter any further issue.

Best regards,


as noted - we have what we need for the moment. We see the problem. On it. 

and yes, of course it should work on Mac.

Lynda - 

We've been able to recreate the problem & are looking into it now. It is not necessary to have a session with Gurpreet. 

I'll follow up with more information asap.



Gurpreet is reaching out to you now to schedule a screen share session so he can see the problem.

Our QA team has also been asked to review. 

Please tell me:

* Does this also happen to you or to students from their homes? or only at the school

* does the recording fail only when it is long?  how long?  or does it always fail?

* any specific browser or type of computer used when it fails?


Hi Lynda - 

We're looking into it. Can you tell me if there's a certain length of audio recording that works - or does it always fail?

Which platform and browser are the students using? Are they on Mac? Any additional information will be helpful.